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BitMEX Most Advanced Crypto Trading Platform for Bitcoin Home of the Perpetual Swap.
The first-ever crypto margined perpetual FX swap has arrived. More functions at your fingertips. Verified users can now buy, sell and trade their cryptocurrencies via a fully-fledged orderbook on BitMEX Spot. Welcome to Crypto's' most advanced platform. Now Live: CROUSD and CROUSDT Swaps. Our new perpetual contracts are now live and ready to trade. BMEX is Now Listed on BitMEX. You can now trade, stake, convert and earn BMEX on BitMEX. Three New Listings Have Arrived. Deposits, withdrawals and conversions for BNB, AVAX and NEAR are now available. An Update on Our Proof of Reserves and Liabilities. In 2021, we provided a demonstration of our systems working. Now, weve published another snapshot as of 8 November 2022. Incoming: A New Spot Pair. Youll soon be able to trade ETH against XBT on our spot exchange.
Understanding Quanto Risk and Opportunity - Deribit Insights.
It introduced a popular cryptocurrency quanto derivative in the form of the ETHUSD quanto perpetual swap in August 2018 as well as an XRPUSD quanto earlier this month. Today, we analyze how this derivative works and what risks users should be aware of. The intrinsic non-linearity of quanto derivatives is fascinating both from a financial engineering perspective as well as a practical trading one. A perpetual swap, also known as a contract-for-difference in the traditional markets, is a derivative similar to a traditional futures contract except without expiry or settlement date. It mimics a margin-based spot market and uses a Funding Rate mechanism, a series of periodic payments between buyers and sellers of the perpetual contract to keep the traded price in line with the underlying reference price. BitMEX offers perpetual swaps for bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, and Ripple XRP. As BitMEX only accepts Bitcoin as collateral, the ETH and XRP products are quanto perpetual swaps. The ETHUSD quanto derivative has a fixed bitcoin multiplier of 0.000001 BTC. This allows the trader to go long or short the ETHUSD rate without ever touching ETH or USD.
BitMEX Launches New ETHUSD Contract with BTC Multiplier.
Traders post margin in XBT, and earn or lose Bitcoin as the ETH/USD rate changes. The contracts will have a Bitcoin multiplier of 0.000001 XBT, meaning for every $1 move in the ETH prices, the trader will receive 0.000001 bitcoin regardless of the USD price of ETH.
BitMEX anuncia contratos futuros ETH/USD liquidados em Bitcoin.
Esses futuros têm um multiplicador de Bitcoin fixo de 0,000001, BTC por cada dólar, ou seja, para cada movimento de 1 USD, o contrato paga 0,000001, BTC, independentemente do preço do ETH em dólares. Isso permite que os traders comprem ou reduzam a taxa de câmbio ETH/USD sem nunca tocar em ETH ou USD. Notavelmente, o BitMEX já oferece contratos perpétuos e contratos futuros de ETH.
BitMEX Offers 'Quanto' Ethereum Product in a Bid to Regain Market Share.
Arthur Hayes, Co-founder and CEO of BitMEX. Source: a video screenshot. The new trading product is rather unique in the crypto market as it allows traders to speculate on the ethereum ETH price in US dollars without ever touching neither ETH nor USD.
Bitmex Accused of Manipulating Ethereums Price - Trustnodes.
50x leveraged ETHUSD perpetual swap is now live! Trade using only Bitcoin, you never have to touch Ether or USD. No punting here, but to all the Bitmex customers, which are automatically subscribed to a newsletter, he told them eth is a double digit colorful coin. In other words, Bitmex hates ethereum and as of today Bitmex is apparently handling $3 billion in trading volumes for the eth/usd perpetual swap.
ETHUSD: Contract Specification - BitMEX.
BUSDZAR_NEXT USD/ZAR BitMEX Index. USDTZARPI USDT Premium. USDTZARPI8H 8-hours USDT Premium TWAP. USDZARPI USD Premium. USDZARPI8H 8-hours USD Premium TWAP. ZARBON ZAR Lending Rate. ZARBON8H 8-hours ZAR Lending Rate TWAP. ETHUSD: Contract Specification. ETHUSD is in the ETH Ethereum series.
BitMEX to Launch Bitcoin-Settled Futures Tracking Ether Price Against Dollar.
According to an April 24 announcement, the new derivative contract will feature a fixed Bitcoin BTC multiplier which will be unaffected by the Ether price in U.S. BitMEX explains that this feature allows traders to long or short Ethers USD exchange rate without holding either ETH or dollars.
ETH/USD - BitMex Monitor Ethereum Trading Activity, Live Order Book, Price and Manage Alerts.
Down from ATH -75.97. 1 Hour Change 0.77. 7 Days Change 5.90. 30 Days Change -27.74. Live Order Book! ETHUSD - BitMex. LIVE TRADE UPDATES. 24 Hour Trades BOUGHT: SOLD.: 1 Hour Trades BOUGHT: SOLD.: 30 Minute Trades BOUGHT: SOLD.:
BitMEX Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange.
Sorry, BitMEX requires JavaScript to render. BitMEX is a P2P crypto-products trading platform. BitMEX and the mobile apps issued under BMEX are wholly owned and operated by HDR Global Trading Limited, a Republic of Seychelles incorporated entity or its relevant authorised affiliates.
Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitcoin Trading Futures Trading Margin Trading.
To meet the highest of demands. Partnering with Market Synergy, corporate accounts and professional traders can take advantage of the fastest trading speeds through institutional-grade connectivity and co-location services with direct access to our digital asset gateway. Read more about our features. Advanced chart tools. Bitfinex facilitates a graphical trading experience with advanced charting functionality that allows traders to visualise orders, positions and price alerts, tap to modify order properties, and annotate to their trading strategy. View our demo. Corporate account and professional trading. Bitfinex has a bespoke offering expertly tailored to meet the specific needs of professional and institutional traders including sub-accounts, expedited verification, and dedicated customer support. Read more about our features. The Bitfinex REST and Websocket APIs are designed to facilitate access to all features of the Bitfinex platform, allowing full integration with traders own products and platforms.

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